New Mind New Body LIVE | Oct 5-7 2018

Experience integrated and cutting-edge personal transformation. Easily and effortlessly take your diet and make it into lifestyle.

Led by Gregory P. Brown, MD, Forensic Psychiatrist, Best Selling Author and Creator of New Mind New Body.


At this event, you will experience integrated and cutting-edge personal transformation, easily and effortlessly take your diet and make it into lifestyle, and learn how to release the extra weight WITHOUT feeling deprived!  

  • Eliminate cravings in moments
  • Align yourself to your goals
  • Identify your perfect affirmations for success
  • End self-sabotage
  • Release stuck emotions in your Time Line
  • Experience deep relaxation and hypnosis
  • Instantly test your readiness
  • Take back your power over food

VIP Upgrade includes a complete brainwave entrainment system with Dr. Greg's unique program where you will have your own recorded suggestions to keep and use any time and any where you like. And, dinner at the amazing Sonoma Cellar Steakhouse on Saturday, catered lunch on Friday, and an extended program through Sunday afternoon for more depth experience.

Get Your Body and Mind To Where You Want Them To Be!


October 5th - 7th 2018


Sunset Station Hotel and Casino

1301 W Sunset Rd,


NV 89014

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